Alexandria Media Forum 26-28 April 2016

The Iraqi Social Media Foundation April on and Club has successfully participated in Alexandria Media Forum for the period of 26-28 April 2016 in Alexandria – Egypt , and the 3 days were full of activities , round tables , meetings and workshops under the name of “Information technology and media” .

As we participated , we found that the agenda was full of interesting topics specially about getting the right information and Gamification of the story.

The forum moved very smoothly , and the organizers were very helpful and nominated specially when you asked for their support because they tried hardly to push all the stories and the information towards the best image of the forum , and this encouraged all the participants to interact very closely with all the discussions and the topics.

We have to not for get the great role of Mr.Ahmed Esmat , the CEO of the forum with his lovely words and smiles which put you in the first rank of the interest and this was an encouragement by itself. As well as we have to not forget that Swedish Institute played a great role in all the facilities and the venue and how the were cooperative and welcomed members.


What we discussed through the forum was as the following:

1- The role of media and ICT.

2- How to get the real information and image.?

3- How to turn your story to a game.?

4-What is the Internet?

5-How the journalists get the information?

7-Mobile Journalism

The mentioned points are very valuable if you can use them in your daily working process, because these points are new and updated , as well as any journalist or blogger must learn how to use these tools properly to avoid and misunderstanding or trouble in the future.

If we try to e the forum , we are rating it with the pleasure by 9 out of 10 because it really added valuable information and Data to our lexicon and upcoming training programs, which means that we double checked and reviewed our training program and strategy closely to updated with new information and data that we learned in the forum.

As a networking , we think that the days of the forum also added new connections between the journalists all over the Arab homeland because these connections as well as producing new friendships and business opportunities.



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