Digital Tolerance and peace building Kirkuk

The Iraqi Social Media Foundation conducted 3 days workshop in Kirkuk for the period of 11-13 May 2017 about “Digital Tolerance and peace building ” which been funded by IMS (International Media Support) and the activity focused on how to use social media platforms and tools in peace building & Tolerance as well as to use these tools for spreading up the peaceful ideas in the community. The workshop contained 14 participants (Kurds, Arabs, Turkman and Christians) which they discussed the real stories in the community and the people must avoid hate speech in both media and social media.

The following topics been covered during the workshop.

what is Social Media ? 

Strategies, Tools  and  how we manage them for tolerance and peace building.

Tools that help you understand good online contents .

What is the role of Internet in running religious institutes?  

Videos of Tolerance and conflicts management .

Training on Storify , Tumbler and Sound cloud apps and websites.

The power of images and videos in Tolerance.

The Image and video analysis.

Why We post ?

Safe web publishing.

Twitter and its impact on Tolerance and peace building.

real examples from kirkuk and how people share news.

SWOT of Online contents.

How to make news and images comparison on pinterest.

Hate speech avoiding in Social Media.

Practical training on Tumbler and Storify.

Group working of on content production about Digital Tolerance.

Digital Security.





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